howitworksavatar.jpgThe purpose of Earth Cyclers Non-profit Corporation is to research, develop and demonstrate an ecologically sustainable system of agriculture and rural lifestyle. Membership in Earth Cyclers shall consist of anyone rightfully in possession of one or more eco-credits representing one hour worth of labor on an Earth Cycler Farm work project authorized by the project coordinator elected or appointed by the membership in a regular or special meeting. Eco-credits may also be sold by the treasurer at the rate set by the membership. Land stewardship shares representing stewardship responsibility and sustainable usage rights for one acre of Earth Cyclers land may be issued in exchange for one hundred eco-credits or one acre of land transferred to Earth Cyclers. An annual meeting shall be held at the agreed upon time and place to elect officers, agents, managers, and to address any other issues or business relating to Earth Cyclers Organization. Decisions will be made by consciences when possible and when not possible, by fifty one percent (51%) of members present, with at least two thirds of eco-credit and land share accounts in relation to policies, covenants, homestead deeds, rules, regulations and restrictions. Changing the purpose would require unanimous agreement. Homestead deeds may be granted to owners of twenty or more land shares conveying the right to separate, use, develop and maintain up to five acres for the exclusive and private use of them and their families according to an approved sustainable development plan. Homestead owners shall have the right to sell, gift or bequeath their homestead, subject to the right of first refusal by other members. All acres not separated for homesteads shall be deemed common area for all activities and uses that are approved by the membership subject to the oversight and supervision of the duly appointed manager according to the provisions and policies of Earth Cyclers.